Have You Been Involved in a Motor Vehicle Collision?

Our expert team of practitioners work together to help you improve, recover and return to your usual activities.

If You Have Been Involved in a Motor Vehicle Collision, at Our Clinic We Offer:

For the first 12 weeks after your accident, you can get treatment with these health care practitioners for the number of treatments listed above. Our team of clinical experts excel at treating a wide variety of conditions associated with motor vehicle collisions including but not limited to whiplash, neck pain, back pain and headaches. Learn more about ICBC medical treatment recovery process at ICBC.com.

How To Get Started

We recommend you call in to our office where we will ask you for the following information:

  1. Your ICBC Claim number

  2. Personal health number (care card number)

  3. Date of injury

  4. The name and contact information of the claim adjuster or ICBC Team that is overseeing your claim. 

What if Your 12 Weeks Has Passed?

If your 12 weeks has passed we recommend you call our office with your claim information above to see if a specified practitioner can apply for a treatment extension.