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80/20 running . . . run slow (and I’m talking really slow) for 80% of your runs and moderate to fast for the other 20%. If you are a long distance runner, this program will make you faster than ever before. What? Is that even possible?

Instinctively, it just felt wrong. I mean, don’t you have to run faster in order to go fast? However hard your training runs are meant to be they should never feel too easy right? What happened to the idea no pain, no gain?

These are the instinctive thoughts that went through my mind when I read the first few pages of 80/20 Running by Matt Fitzgerald. A barrage of questions were coming into my head and I couldn’t stop reading until I felt like my questions were answered. Long story short, I loved the book, I have run almost everyday since with the 80/20 principles, I feel the best I ever have and I am definitely on the path to running the fastest I ever have. If you want the long story, every week I am going to be publishing a lesson I have learned while doing 80/20 running.

During this journey, if you resonate with what I am saying along the way that's great! But my story isn't your own and different things may work for me than they do for you. I hope that any reader will be inspired to ask the same questions I did in order to make positive changes in their running and life.

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