We’re back from running the 5K/10K combined Cowichan Autumn Classic Race last weekend and what an amazing job Ceevacs Roadrunners did for the event. With the two races being available to run separately or combined to composed 3 race options, so many came with different levels of running experience and got to pick a challenge that was best suited to them.

The weather conditions were perfect and we got some gorgeous views on the way around the Cowichan Valley Regional District trails that included a redwood forest, farmlands and more natural beauty of this region. The course elevation was quite low with only a few hills making it great for first time runners but also challenging enough for somebody attempting a personal best.

For myself, after coming off the Royal Victoria Half-Marathon I was still feeling some of the effects and I kept that in mind with my race goals. These races for me were about establishing current baselines for my capabilities for 5K and 10K distances.

Race Goals

With the tracks being mostly unfamiliar to me I gave myself the follow objective goals:

  • For the 5K race: maintain a 4:30 min/km avg. pace with a cadence above 185.
  • For the 10K race: maintain a sub 5:00 min/km avg. pace with a cadence above 180.

For both races I wanted to think of the same things as the half-marathon:

  • Controlled breath of 3-in/2-out
  • Light, quiet and fast feet
  • Smile through the pain
  • Finish strong!


With the 5K race Strava clocked me at 22:19 for the race putting me at a 4:27 min/km avg. pace with a 171 avg. heart rate and a 189 avg. cadence.

With 10K starting soon afterwards I had about 15 minutes to recover and ended up with Strava clocking me at 49:12 for the race putting me at a 4:54 min/km avg. pace with a 169 avg. heart rate and a 187 avg. cadence.

With that my combined race time was 1:11:31 which I am overall very happy with. I definitely had some challenges on the uphill sections of the track but kicking hard in the last 400 meters felt great and left me feeling I could have went faster. 

Overriding Message

Talking with lots of runners after the race the constant message was that it doesn’t matter what times you have run in the past but that you focus on what you are capable for doing today and going out there and giving it your best effort.

Thank You’s and Congratulations

Big thank you again for Ceevacs Roadrunners putting on such a great event and to the volunteers and people cheering on the side of the road. Also a thank you to Startline Health and Wellness Group for letting me join up with their physiotherapists to provide some chiropractic care for the participants.

Lastly, Big Shout out to our acupuncturist at Young Health Management, Rod McLean for coming out to run his first 5K race and breaking his goal of 30 minutes! He smashed it and did it with a smile on his face.

If you are looking for a chiropractor or acupuncturist in Duncan, BC you can book an appointment with us now on our website (click here) or call our office at 250-746-6171.

I hope these posts motivate you to engage in your daily activity whatever that may be.

Take at easy and happy running!

Alex Hueston

Alex Hueston


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